Review: NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2

As a professional wedding photographer and avid photography enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a variety of lenses. Today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 lens, used with my Nikon Z6II and Nikon Zf cameras. If you're on a budget and looking to get your first Z mount lens, this is an excellent choice.

Performance on the Nikon Z6II

The 40mm f/2 lens pairs beautifully with the Nikon Z6II. This lens offers a versatile focal length, perfect for a range of photography styles from portraits to street photography. With its f/2 aperture, it delivers a pleasant bokeh and performs admirably in low-light conditions.

Despite its affordability, this lens doesn't compromise on image quality. It captures sharp images with excellent contrast, and the colors are rendered beautifully. The compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal travel companion, allowing you to capture moments without the bulk of larger lenses.

Everyday Use with the Nikon Zf

The Nikon Zf, with its retro-inspired design and powerful performance, is a fantastic camera for everyday use. The 40mm f/2 lens feels right at home on the Zf. The combination of these two makes for a compact, powerful, and stylish setup that you can carry around effortlessly.

This lens lives on my Nikon Zf. It's my go-to for family trips and casual outings. Its small size and light weight make it less intrusive, allowing for candid shots of family and friends. The focal length is perfect for capturing close-up photos of kids without being too tight, which is often a challenge with longer focal lengths.

Budget-Friendly Excellence

For those venturing into the world of Z mount lenses, the 40mm f/2 is a top recommendation. It's budget-friendly, yet it doesn't skimp on quality. This lens proves that you don't need to spend a fortune to get great results.

A Professional’s Perspective

While the 40mm f/2 is an excellent lens, professionals might consider the 50mm f/1.8 S for their work. In my opinion, the 50mm f/1.8 S is the best 50mm 1.8 lens ever made. It offers superior sharpness, better bokeh, and an overall premium build. However, it's larger and heavier than the 40mm f/2, which is something to consider.

I never bring my 50mm f/1.8 S on family trips due to its size and weight. It's also a bit too tight for capturing kids up close. In contrast, the 40mm f/2 is perfect for such situations, providing a wider frame and a lighter load.


The NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 lens is a fantastic addition to any photographer's kit, especially if you are budget-conscious. It’s a versatile, high-quality lens that pairs wonderfully with the Nikon Z6II and Nikon Zf. For everyday photography, it’s hard to beat the convenience and performance of this lens. While some professionals might opt for the 50mm f/1.8 S for critical work, the 40mm f/2 remains an excellent choice for casual and travel photography.

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